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La Hoyeta, Chella,

46821 Valencia, Spain

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E-MAIL: yurtaspepita@gmail.com

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We are Dave and Ann Marie, we live on site, and have a combined 50 years plus experience in hospitality in Ireland, England,Catalunya and Cornwall. We moved back to Spain from Ireland in November 2018 and have been working to renovate our home, like a phoenix from the flames, and to build the yurts so as to be able to welcome our guests. Villa Pepita was built in 1964 and named after the wife of the gentleman who built the house and we consciously chose to keep that name in her memory


Dave is a builder and Ann Marie is a chef .... ideal combination for maintenance and hospitality. Dave also likes to make furniture out of recycled wood and Ann Marie dabbles with abstract art. There are three Yurts on site available to rent, two cater for up to two adults and the last, the largest , caters for up to four people.

Yurtas Pepita are perched on the edge of a deep and stunning ravine which stretches for miles, between rolling mountains and the only sound in the morning is birdsong, the light comes from the sun. We are also surrounded by orange, olive and persimmon orchards. Our yurts are pet friendly but because of our location , we only cater  to adults. We also offer free WiFi connection.

Yurtas Pepita are completely powered by solar panels and we have a commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle (better in some areas than others!). We are also true believers in recycling, and re-using. Recycling bins are located for your convenience in the shared kitchen and are emptied daily. 

The shift towards slowing down, adjusting our work/life balance,  and minding ourselves and our environement, is more than a whimsy, it is absolutely vital to our and the planet´s continued existence.
as we accept the need for a less stressful, more eco-friendly way of living, so also we reduce our personal stress and the stress of the planet.
There is a growing interest in smaller, more sustainable dwellings and Few can match the ancient mongolian 'ger,' now known as a yurt, for beauty, simplicity, and it´s intrinsic connection with this earth on which we live 

Because of our location in a fire risk zone, open barbecues are not allowed. We  do, however, offer our guests the opportunity of joining us for Dave´s Monster Barbecue. This is one of our dining options available during your stay. Tea and coffee making facilities are available from the shared kitchen, where you will also find a fridge where you can keep your drinks chilled . We operate a corkage policy during your stay, whereby you can bring drinks on site. 


wood burning stove
shared viewing area
communal pool
solar shower
shared Kitchen